What’s in the name?

The ‘tip’ of the iceberg whilst visible is actually only ever a very small part of the overall berg.  So it can be with the poverty issue.  People see ‘homelessness’ or ‘kids in need’ or they hear of ‘gangs’, ‘county lines’ and ‘anti-social behaviour’ and think they see the whole picture and know/understand the issues.

We know, however, that the visible issues are only the ’tip of the iceberg’ and a comprehensive liaison of many agencies is required to effectively help those who need to access the myriad of support agencies that exist to raise people out of poverty.  We know, however, that communication has been so ineffective at times between many agencies that it is a bigger barrier than that faced by the individuals themselves.

Ultimately the vision of TIP is to bring hope to the hopeless.

Who are the hopeless?

The hopeless can be described as those who are not currently able to deliver themselves from their current, non-satisfactory, circumstances to ones where they are able to adequately meet their own needs.

What is their hope?

Quite simply, much of the time, a person’s hope is simply the knowledge that they have been heard and that they are not alone.  So very often in the current melee of service providers, people feel as if they are not being heard or their needs met, with one organisation treating one facet of an issue and then withdrawing, their work done.

Hope looks like a person, still standing alongside them, encouraging them with a “Come on.  What’s next?”  No one intentionally slips to a point where these services are required, and by the fact that they are needed, it is axiomatic that a person is going to need help to access them. The Iceberg team are that friend, that guide, that person to see you as greater than you can currently see yourself.

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