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Your time is very precious to us

All of our roles are rewarding and fulfilling and our volunteers feel like they are making a big difference – because they are– and we know every individual and household appreciate it.

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Everyday we collect and delivery furniture and household items across Thanet. 

Whether they are the van driver, the drivers mate, or helping to keep the warehouse organised and clean, every volunteer knows that the next bed delivered or fridge freezer installed will make a huge difference to the household or individual receiving it.


The Lounge serves a very special purpose for us, here at Thanet Iceberg.

We are a convenient place for the workers and visitors on the local trading estate to come for their breaks or lunches.  As well as this we have people who come to us for the company and a chat, a place of warmth, friendship and security.  The Lounge also serves as a main point of contact for people who need the help of the organisation’s other services.



There is a lot of activity behind the scenes to keep Thanet Iceberg operating as a vital support service across Thanet . We couldn’t do everything that needs to be done without our tireless volunteers answering telephone enquiries, dealing with social media,  documentating stock, filing and administration in support of our client facing team. If you have experience in an office or an eye for detail, you might be the person we are looking for.



Fundraising is crucial for us to reach our operating target each year. Our fundraising volunteers help us to boost donations for Thanet Iceberg through engaging with the public. Whether it is on the phones or helping a specific campaign, visiting shops and offices with collecting pots or being an ambassador to community groups and friends; if you enjoy working with peple and have a passion for our area, we would love you to volunteer with Thanet Iceberg. 

Our most Frequently asked Questions

How much time should I volunteer

This is really your chioce.  We have voluntary roles that can only take a few hours per month, ranging up roles that can be five days a week. Some roles are for one-off campaigns, some may be short term and others might need a longer-term commitment due to the nature of the role.

There are no limits on the amount of time you can volunteer. All of our volunteers help for different lengths of time, depending on what they can offer and how it fits in with their own routines.

Once you apply for a role, one of our volunteer coordinators will ring you to go through some informal questions and to discuss your availability.  If you are unsure where to volunteer, don’t worry.  You can always ask advice from one of the team.

Is there a minimum or maxim age for volunteers

You do need to be over 16 years old to register as a volunteer with thanet Iceberg, however there is no upper age limit to join our team.

Some of our opportunities do have age restrictions. That’s typically because of the type of role, or because of our insurance requirements. For driving roles you will need to be over 26  and if you are volunteering in our warehouse volunteering is restricted to those aged over 18. Our volunteer coordinator will discuss any restrictions with you during your informal chat to help with any decisions.

Will I receive any training or qualifications
Thanet Iceberg has training in place to ensure the safety of yourselves as well as our staff and families, and to enhance your skills in your role.

All volunteers will be supported in their role by the department manager who will ensure you are up to date with any health and safety information, safeguarding and data protection information you need for your role as well as any skills training that you may need to learn. There are some roles that need certification, such as food hygiene for our catering volunteers, and we will provide the necessary training and tests to pass your training.

Do I need a DBS check to volunteer

Thanet Iceberg has a robust Safeguarding policy that is regularly reviewed to ensure that all volunteers and staff roles that need DBS certificates and any training are up to date.  Not every volunteer or staff for that matter need a DBS but any team member working directly with individuals and households will be asked to complete a DBS check which the organisation will pay for.

Can I volunteer if I have a criminal record

Thanet Iceberg believes in the ability that people have to turn their lives around and to move past and learn from mistakes.  You are not automatically stopped from  volunteering with us if you have a criminal record. We are fully committed to being an inclusive organisation to all people and comply fully with the Code of Practice set out in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

We do not ask applicants to disclose any details of convictions or cautions at application.  You will have the opportunity to declare any relevant convictions at your informal interview.   We will not ask you about your entire criminal record unless the nature of the role that you are apply for requires us to, and then we will only ask about unspent convictions and pending prosecutions, as defined in the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. If you have any concerns about anything which will appear in your DBS Check and voluntary disclosure, please speak with us so we can provide you with the framework by which we might make a decision to remove an offer of a volunteering opportunity.

Any declarations will be followed by an open and measured discussion, and are considered on an individual basis, by the Head of Volunteering and the Chief Executive,  in regards to the role that you are interested in undertaking.

I still have questions

Volunteering with an organisation is not something that should be done lightly.  A good volunteer experience will bring you as much benefit as it does the organisation and we want to make sure that not only might you be a fit for us, but we are a fit for you.

Please don’t hold on to your questions.  Email volunteer@thaneticeberg.org or give us a call on 01843 500021 and lets have a chat.

Why Volunteer


  • Many of our volunteers tell us they recommend us to friends
  • Enjoy being part of a lively team
  • Build your confidence and stay active

Make a difference


  • Contribute to the work of a local charity and help change the future
  • Support your community
  • Make a difference and share your knowledge

Gain new skills and friends


  • Enjoy being part of a lively team
  • Enhance your CV and gain skills to strengthen your career
  • Meet new people and try new things
  • Access to industry training and certification

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