The Lounge

Empowering the community through community because
Its not just about food. It’s about using food to bring people together.

coffee shop and sandwich bar


The Lounge creates a relaxed atmosphere with lots of comfy armchairs and sofas, and coffee tables.

The Lounge provides a vital place of connection for the businesses who are located on the Westwood Business Park.  It brings a touch of comfort and familiarity, a place to take a break, escape the phones or meet clients and, of course, to enjoy great coffee and great food!

Who We Are

The Lounge is a self-funding project from Thanet Iceberg Project.  In the first instance, it provides a place to sit, relax, grab some refreshments and just take time out, amongst the often fast paced, stressed activities of the day.

What we do

The Lounge provides an inviting and non-threatening means to access to the support services provided by Thanet Iceberg. Instead of a clinical or office setting for appointments, they can take place over a coffee in the comfort of an armchair.

Our ProVision

At the Lounge we provide a semi-sound proofed private room that is available for use by our strategic partners such as Social Services, NHS and SEK for them to meet with their own clients in a confidential setting.

Private room hire

Our private room is also available for hire, which provides an additional source of income for the charity. Any profit made by the Lounge from its day to day business also goes straight into the work that the charity does.

Get in touch to discuss rates and availability

Thanet Lounge

Unit 4a Westwood Business Park
Strasbourg Street
Margate CT9 4JJ

Mon – Fri   9am – 3pm

Call:         01843 293376
Email:      info@thanetlounge.org