Pay for a day

by paying for a day you are making a significant impact in the lives of

individuals and households across Thanet 


Everyday we take new enquiries for families and individuals facing

the most desperate of circimstances.

Whilst every day is different across the projects that we run at Thanet Iceberg there are a few things that are constant. Whether it is through a warm drink, a delivery of furniture or the filling in of a form, evey individual and every household that we work with that day feels listened to, helped and  hopeful.  Every call, every visit has one aim in mind, to help that person feel empowered to achieve their full potential.

Thanet Iceberg costs £364 per day to provide all of the services that we run for those individuals and households across Thanet who deperately need our services.  With companionship for the lonely and isolated through to beds for children sleeping on the floor, white goods and furniture for families escaping domestic violence and form filling, phone calls and chaperoning to important meetings, every day sees our amazing team help those who need it most.

Will you help us to help them?


Can I select a specific day to sponsor?

Yes you can!

As long as th date you choose is free.  Many people have a special anniversary date, birthday, or other special day that they choose.

If you do not have a specific date in mind we will select the next date available for you.

How can I pay for my sponsorship?

You can pay for your day online.  Simply by clicking one of the buttons or using this link, Pay for a day.  If you would like to pay with a cheque you can post it or deliver it to our offices at the address below.  You can also come in to us and pay by cash or card in person.  Please call us if you would like to pay by bank transfer.

Thanet Iceberg Project
4c Westwood Business Park
Strasbourg Street
Margate CT9 4JJ

01843 500021

Can I sponsor a day anonymously?

If you would like to, yes.  Every sponsor receives a framed certificate thanking them for their support.  This certificate is displayed at The Lounge on the day of sponsorship as a way of recognising the sponsor’s generosity.  If you wish to remain anonymous pleas let us know and we will not display your certificate.

For companies that sponsor a day we will agree how to publicise the donation.

What happens when I sponsor a day?

After we have received your donation one of the team will call you to discuss your individual sponsorship requirements.  They will confirm your chosen date, the details to be printed onto the certificate, where the certificate should be sent. (They make the ideal gift for someone)

You will also be invited to come and visit us on a day of your choosing as well as being invited to a select event towards the end of the year, thanking our daily sponsors.

I have further questions.

If you have any questions that have not been answered here please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team.

You can write, email, call or visit us in person.

Thanet Iceberg Project
4c Westwood Business Park
Strasbourg Street
Margate CT9 4JJ

01843 500021