Reaching full potential

Every day, we help individuals and households across Thanet to combat

the causes of poverty whilst overcoming its symptoms.

Thanet Iceberg Project is an organisation that meets a critical need unmet by current statutory provision, across the whole of the Isle of Thanet

The common aim of the three main projects that we run is to ensure that each person ultimately ends up in a state of economic wellbeing, breaking out of the cycle of poverty with the knowledge and skills to manage as effectively as possible.  We may not be a large organisation, but we work to support as many people as possible with priority given to the most vulnerable and in long-term poverty.

It’s all about Community

Together we can make a difference.  We have a fantastic team here at Thanet Iceberg, and whether you are paid member of staff, a volunteer or a regular or one off supporter, as we pull together as community we can do great things in the community.  Our whole team is focussed on delivering the aims and mission of Thanet Iceberg.  

From barristas in The Lounge through to van drivers at the Loft, our customers and clients know that they will receive the best service and care that we can provide, satisfying their needs from a coffee all the way through to help with complex forms, chaperoning at a meeting or some furniture to make the house a home.

Would you consider becoming part of the Iceberg team?

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Our Projects

The Lounge

Situated a short walk from 2 Thanet Loop bus stops behind B&Q at Westwood.  Join us for a drink, a snack and some community.

The Loft

We collect excellent condition, pre-loved furniture and small household items and arrange for them to be delivered to where they’re needed


Our support workers are on hand throughout the year to offer advice, support and where needed, practical assistance.

Our Impact

Very few people are struggling with only one cause of poverty and the crossover of services can sometimes leave people caught in a gap where one agency have signed a client off but that client is in no way clear of all the causes of their poverty.

Thanks to the generosity of businesses and individuals like you, we are able to work longer term with those who need us, helping them to address each individual area of need until they achieve a state of social and economic wellbeing, breaking out of the cycle of poverty with the knowledge and skills to manage as effectively as possible.

Thank you to everyone of our generous donors and amazing staff and volunteers!

We have big plans for the next 5 years so if you would like to see the future of Thanet Iceberg please click the button below.