Fundraise at home

Charity starts at home and so can your fundraising


Come dine with me

Why not set up your home as a restaurant and charge friends to come to yours for dinner.  Ask your guests to dress up in their finest clothes, cook something delicious and donate the cost of dinner to Thanet Iceberg.  You could even do this virtually,  spend a fun evening with family and friends online,  and everyone gets to cook exactly what they want!

Hold a games night

Team up with your family and friends and have a fun games night.  Invite everyone to ‘pay to play’ and then play to win! (Though you must have fun too).  You could even do this online with friends and family around the world.  There are a number of online platforms and versions of all popular games. 

Do a dare

Invite your family and friends to nominate you for a dare or a challenge and if you have the guts to accept, get them to sponsor you. This could be anything from eating something crazy, shaving your head, streaming online for 24 hours. Make sure you take photos of what you’re doing!

Take on a challenge

Why not take on a challenge such as walk a mile a day, skip for 10 minutes a day, or do 25 push ups a day, all over the course of a month. Ask people for sponsorship, and see how much you can raise for Thanet Iceberg whilst getting fit. Share your photos on social media using the hashtag #TeamIceberg. 

Take part in an event

There is always an event happenning for everyone, whether you are a walker, runner, cyclist or looking for something to do with your family. Find out more by getting in touch with our fundraising team or looking at the local papers for suitable events. Once you have found one you can  set up a page on JustGiving and raise funds for Thanet Iceberg.

Change for change

We all have shrapnel weighing down our pockets. Put a jar somewhere everyone in the house can see and start to collect all of that loose change.    You will be surprised at how quickly all this change will fill your jar up.  Otherwise, call our fundraising team and we can give you a Thanet Iceberg collection pot.