About us

Helping households and individuals across Thanet since 2018


Thanet Iceberg currently oversees three main projects. 

Each of these projects addresses a particular area of poverty. 

We won’t be done until every individual in Thanet has their basic needs met
and experiences open access to education and economic opportunity

About Us

Thanet Iceberg Project was born out of a conversation around our kitchen dining table one afternoon.  Me, my wife and 2 friends, both involved in the community aspect of care and health were discussing how, despite there being many options, people just did not know where to turn to get the support and help they need.

So there and then it was decided, if not us who, and if not now when?  We had to make an organisation that would be active in the community, a safe place for people to come and be signposted to places where they can be best served.  Acoffee shop was a good place to start we thought, and so The Kitchen CT9 was founded.

Next, we realised that many of the people that we were speaking with were not in adequately furnished accommodation.  They has flats or houses.  They didn’t have homes, so The Loft was created to satisfy their homeware and furniture needs.

All of this was alongside our Crossroads Project.  The place which people could come and be signposted in the right direction to the help that they need.  Some are experiencing multple needs and so we don’t just point them, we leading them to each service that they need, often one after the other until every area of their lives has been impacted. 

 This can be quite an ordeal for an individual/family, however we accompany them all the way: the most common phrase we hear is, “I could not have done this without you”.

So, nearly 5 years on we continue with our mission.  No longer 4 friends round a kitchen table, but an incorporated non profit with 4 members of staff, a cafe called The Lounge and a showroom/workshop and offices.  Taking an average of 5 new calls per day.  

The need today seems greater now than when we first began.  I do hope that you will join with us for part of the journey,

Kindest Regards,

Our Mission is

To help individuals and households overcome the symptoms of poverty whilst addressing its causes.

Our Vision is
 To see individuals and households empowered to achieve their full potential
Our Values are

• To always be compassionate and never judgemental
• To have people at our heart
• To be transparent and communicate well
• To inspire and encourage those who need it
• To influence others in our field